River Rapids District Library
227 E. Broad St.
Chesaning, MI 48616

RRDL Story Line Survey

River Rapids Library has a story line where children can call a special phone number and hear a story read to them.  It's a lot of fun coming up with stories and then recording them.  Sometimes we use multiple voices, sound effects and music.  In addition if we used a published story we need to contact the author or publisher to get copyright permission to read it on our story line. Unfortunately all of this takes time, often many hours per week.  Some weeks we only get one or two calls and occasionally we don't get anyone calling the Story Line.  Would you help us decide if we should continue investing in this program at River Rapids Library?

Did you know, prior to reading this survey, that River Rapids District Library has a Story Line that children can call and listen to a story?

Have you or your child ever called and listened to a story on the story line?

What age group are you in?

Will you or your child be regularly calling the story line in the future?

Do you think the Story Line is worth the hours of time spent preparing each week?

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