River Rapids District Library
227 E. Broad St.
Chesaning, MI 48616

Donations and Giving

Donation and Memorial Form

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A memorial gift to the library is a thoughtful way to keep memory alive. Gifts may also be given in honor of a friend or loved one.


The library can support a number of planned giving options that will help donors meet their financial planning goals. If you are interested in making a planned gift to the library, staff will be happy to discuss possibilities with you.

Making a bequest is as simple as inserting a few sentences into your will such as: “I give and bequeath the amount of $___ to the River Rapids District Library” or “I give and bequeath __% of the total value of my estate to the River Rapids District Library.”

When you make a charitable contribution, you want to be sure that your money will be used effectively
to improve the quality of life in our community. A gift to the River Rapids District Library is an
excellent way to ensure quality library services for the Chesaning area.

So many successful people tell stories of how important the library has been in their lives. Each day in Chesaning, our library staff reaches out to children and adults to help them grow and learn. We foster a love of reading and provide the vital information services people need.

The continued excellence in services of the River Rapids District Library is a tribute to the generosity and support of people like you.

For more information contact:

Telephone: (989) 845-3211

Other Giving Opportunities

There are several options for giving a gift to the Library. All gifts are tax deductible. Donations to the River Rapids District Library also qualify for a partial Michigan income tax credit (please consult with your tax advisor). Thank you!

Direct Donations

Donations can be made to the library to purchase library materials, equipment, or to sponsor library programs.

Memorial Contributions

Gifts in memory or in honor of a friend or loved one are welcomed. Contributions can be made to purchase library materials. Library staff will carefully select materials and a commemorative book plate will be placed in each item.

Donations of Materials

Books, audio-visual materials, and other items may be donated to any library location. Materials not used in the library’s collection will be sold at library book sales. You may request a tax receipt stating the number of items donated.

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