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River Rapids District Library

River Rapids District Library to offer Non-resident Cards on Trial Basis

While the library board knows that this is not a solution, long-term or short-term, to any of our overall problems, the River Rapids District Library will begin selling non-resident library cards on a trial basis beginning on January 2, 2012.  This is an effort to reach out to our supporters, who we appreciate. 

Non-residents will have three different levels of cards to choose from depending on the range of services they are interested in purchasing. Tier 1 cards will cost $80 and be limited to a total of 10 items checked out at one time.  Purchasers of this card will not have access to MeLCat interlibrary loan, Overdrive or any paid databases.  Tier 2 cards will cost $100 and have no limit on the amount of items checked out. Purchasers of this card will have access to all library services, with the exception of Overdrive. Tier 3 cards will cost $125 and will have access to all services with no limit on the number of items checked out.

All non-resident cards will expire on December 31, 2012 in order for the library board to evaluate this trial run.  Cards maybe upgraded to a higher tier throughout the year by paying the difference. Cards purchased later in the year will not be prorated.

The Library Board will be hosting an Open House at the library on Tuesday, January 10th from 10am - 8pm to introduce this new opportunity. There will be drawings, eReader demos, story hour and many other activities designed to reintroduce patrons to all the library has to offer.
Please direct any questions to library director, Erin Schmandt, at (989) 845-3211 or 

Friends of the Library

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The Friends of the Library are a group of very special people who volunteer to support library services and are dedicated to promoting the growth of our public library & its services throughout our community.  Click on the link below to join the Friends of the Library

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