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It's that time of year again! School's out, summer is nearly here and it's time for River Rapid's Library's Summer Reading for kids and teens. Our theme this year is "Oceans of Possibility" and there are prizes and activities all through June and July to encourage readers. You can sign up online by clicking here. Check out our upcoming activities on our calendar, website or facebook page. Download Kids or Teen Reading logs below.

We needed a bulletin board for our upcoming summer reading program. This year the theme is "Oceans of Possibility". I created and printed a tiled background and then hung fish and other aquatic creatures in front of it using fishline attached to the ceiling tiles. Scroll down to find out how I did it using free software and public domain images.

  1. I searched https://freesvg.org to find a cartoon style underwater scene.

2. I used inkscape (a free vector image editor) to remove the objects I didn't want) and added the text "Oceans of Possibility". I added a gradient color to the text and then modified the shape with Inkscape's tweak tool to make them look wavy.

3. After I finished the background scene in Inkscape I used Plakativ (another free open source tool) to resize the image to the size of the bulletin board and divide it into overlapping tiles so I could print it out to individual 11x17 inch sheets of paper.

4. I trimmed and then stapled the tiled sheets to the bulletin board.

5. I found cute cartoon fish and sea creatures on freesvg.org

6. I used our Cricut to "Print and Cut" the animals on cardstock. I printed two images of each fish with the second one being mirrored so I could glue them back to back.

7. I punched a small hole in each of the printed sea animals and attached them to a length of fishing line. Using a paper clip at the other end of the fishing line I attached them to the ceiling tile framework just in front of the bulletin board.

That's it! Would you be interested in a workshop at the library on how to make your own tiled bulletin board backgrounds? Let us know and if we get enough interest we will schedule a hands on workshop so you can learn how to create your own posters, bulletin boards or other large scale images.

We needed a hook to hold one of the keys at the library. We wanted it to fit in one of the adjustable shelf peg holes. Rather than try to find something to purchase, our 3d printer came to the rescue. It took about 15 minutes to design and 6 minutes to print a custom hook that fit tightly in the peg hole. Quick and Easy!

Remember our Prusa Mini Plus 3d printer is available for patron use. Schedule a training time with James and start on your first 3d project.

Our Cricut helped make another crafting success story. With an upcoming Bridal Shower what to do for the invitations? With the help of the Library's Cricut craft cutter these invitations were quickly created in plenty of time to mail them out. A simple curved edge design with cutout flower silhouettes made just the right look for the Bride.

Remember our Cricut is available for patron use. Just schedule a training session with James to start creating your own craft projects.

This display shelf needed something else to finish it off. Using the Library's Cricut our patron was able to take a dollar store galvanized metal sign and add appropriate text. One colorful daisy later and it was ready to be placed beneath the shelf.

Galvanized Sign with the words "It's so good to be home"

Remember our Cricut is available for patron use. Just schedule a training session with James to start creating your own craft projects.

We recently received an ION VCR2PC unit on loan. This makes converting VHS video tapes to DVD's much easier and faster. It also captures the color better on older video tapes. Interested in converting some of your old family memories on VHS to DVD? Schedule a time with James to learn how to put your old VHS tapes to DVD.

For those of you who have already used our old hardware and software you will be excited to see how much easier and quicker this is to use. If you know the length of the video tape you want to convert you can simply put a blank DVD-r disc in the laptop, start the video tape and press Record in the software. Your DVD will automatically be burned. No more babysitting the unit. Just start it and let it record, convert and burn your new DVD. It is also about 25% faster to complete then before.

Don't risk losing those old memories. Call and schedule an appointment with James to learn how to use this equipment.

We are all trying to get used to our new cabinets because everything has been moved. We wanted to label them but not actually put labels on permanently. Once again our 3d printer came to the rescue.

Want to make your own 3d printed designs? Schedule a class with James and learn how to design, create and print your 3d objects!

If it has been a while since you've explored our website you are in for a pleasant surprise. We have completely remade the site, making it faster and in the process organized the content to make it easier to find what you need. Be sure and take a look around and try some of the new features at (https://riverrapidslibrary.org). Check our schedule to see when we are open. Search our online catalog for a book right from the site. See what's new in children, teen and adult books. Read the latest blog post. Download the Libby app to read eBooks on your phone, tablet or other device. Learn about our current and upcoming events as well as our regular weekly activities. The neat thing is that all of the above resources are found right on our homepage and there's lots more fun and exciting resources on the rest of the pages. Be sure and take a look.

p.s. If you spot a typo or dead link let us know on with the email link on the bottom of the website.

January 26th was Michigan's 175th Birthday. January 27th was National Chocolate Cake day. We decided to combine them for Story Hour Fun! First we read "Froggy Bakes a Cake" by Jonathan London. Then we decorated a birthday card for Michigan by gluing on scraps of Birthday Wrapping Paper to a map of Michigan.

Finally each child helped place a white vinyl map of Michigan onto a blue mug to take home. To make it even better each cup was sent home with the dry ingredients to make a chocolate Mug Cake. We finished off with a snack - Chocolate Brownie Cakes of course! Special thanks to Bethany Goff for helping out these past two weeks.

p.s. We had a bad roll of white vinyl and it didn't adhere to the mugs very well. If your child's mug is losing its vinyl please stop by the library and we have some replacements already cut out and ready to apply.

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