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Arson at the Museum - A free, fun print and play boardgame for the whole family

The stores are closed.  You've played every family game you have from your closet.  What can you do now?  Welcome to the world of "Print and Play" games.

-- by James Goff

In 2013 our family set out to create our own boardgame.  One designed to be fun for our whole family.  We wanted our then seven year old son to have as much fun as his teenage brother and mom and me.  We knew that the game would have to be a cooperative one where we were matched as a team against almost overwhelming odds.  We also knew that we had to be the "Good Guys".  Thus was born "Arson at the Museum!"

Arson at the Museum boardgame

We published the game through "The Game Crafter" website.  You can normally still buy a copy there, but due to the Coronavirus pandemic they are currently shutdown.  So we've decided to offer the game for free as a downloadable Print-N-Play game during the "Stay At Home" orders.  Available exclusively at River Rapids District Library.  Here's your chance to add to your family game collection.

Download the zip file below and read or print the _Read_Me_First.pdf.  Print the rest of the pdf files following the instructions and then see if you are up to the challenge 

Download -->> Arson at the Museum zip file


Additional Print-N-Play game resources:

Read carefully.  Not all games in the lists below are free.  Some require addition pieces (e.g. dice).  Some are not for children. - Tremendous Board Game Resource

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Search Google for "Free print and play games" or modify it like "Free print and play games for kids"

Have fun and let us know what games you find and enjoy playing.

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